Help is on the way !

19 Mar
God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1

God says He’s our refuge. He is the only place that we can run to and truly be safe. And further more He promises to be our strength. You may have had moments of weakness. I know I have. I remember one night some years ago I was sobbing , feeling hopeless and telling God that I can’t take it anymore. I felt like I couldn’t do life anymore.. There had been so much going on in my life. I began to see snippets of all that was wrong in my life: Chronic illness in myself and my family (endless doctor's appointments) ,endless house repairs and a mortgage that we couldn't afford and our car was in the shop again. In general things were not looking good. You know those times when it is everything at once ? That is where I was. I was tired. I was very tired.

God reminded me that night that He is my strength,my answer,and my help. Even if I felt like I had no one else, I would always have Him. I know that I would not be around today to write to you if I hadn't choosen God to lean on. I want to encourage you that you always have someone who can keep you safe, be strong for you and know what to do when there is trouble. Pray. Don’t give up or give in... help is on the way.

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