19 Feb

During this time when much of my focus has been on  God's love and purpose, why would I now speak about change?  Maybe it doesn't seem apparent but the three subjects are definitely related. God's Love is used to activate change and we need change to help us to walk in our purpose. Purpose Is not even clear many times without change . If we have things clogging our minds and old habits guiding our daily experiences, we can't simultaneously live in purpose. So now knowing this,then change is a must if we want to live our best lives. We want our best lives and everything that comes with it , now . Change is a process, not an event. Doing things differently is a choice. It is a daily decision to think differently. Change is a culmination of daily choices and decisions that become habits and then change. So in other words it doesn't all happen at once, it happens at a gradual pace.  Usually if there is something that we really want , we don't want to wait for it. Therefore words like gradual ,are ones that we don't want to hear much less,actually use. Change is worth the wait, it is worth every step of the process. Parts of the process are forgiveness :in order to move forward . Filling our minds with God's word instead of negativity, and developing good habits. This is just a start we must also add in prayer and patience. What change brings is the ability to have life and have it more abundantly , exactly as Jesus intended it to be. Love ya

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