Are you Ready?

30 May

"Are you ready"

                       You talk about it everyday, 

And yeah you've got a lot to say, but Are you ready, are you ready It's gon' take a lot of preparation To reach your destination"🎶 

That is Mary Mary's song "are you ready" and the answer is yes! Yup! , you better believe it! I can't get any more ready. I have been getting ready all of my life , or so I feel.I am tired,run down,exhausted, done, but not over. Have you ever felt this way? This is the point that you are tired enough to just quit , but you know that quitting in the end will lead to your doom. This type of tired is what turns into the fuel that allows for success.

Today was it , the last straw had been added to the pile I have already been sitting on.

The particular situation doesn't really matter but it involved me having to walk home , when I should not have had to do that. 

As I said a moment ago this is just the most recent of many straws. 

I am feeling like I am not where I should be in life , at this point I should have accomplished so much more . God always supplies us with what we need to be successful in what He would have us doing. Therefore  it is  not lack that is stopping me, but only fear and self. No excuses.

Ok so now that I have gotten that off my chest and have calmed down I can think with a cooler head. This is the push that I needed.  I have written a daily devotional entitled "My Journey to Worth: a 40 day devotional"and now have decided to begin yet another journey, one that takes me to success  according to my purpose. "My Journey to Purpose" is what I will call this particular trip. If you are not yet living in your purpose feel free to join me in this venture.

I am at a point where I realize that I'm valuable in God's eyes,but that I also have not lived up to my potential.

So goodbye to the days of frustration and last straw situations. Hello to purpose ,new life and joy.

Am I ready? Yes the answer is yes!

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